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Warranty Basics

Disclaimer: This page describes common furniture warranty coverages. Your actual warranty may be quite different.

warranty_doc All furniture warranties are not created equal and will vary from company to company. However, there are some general industry standards when it comes to the name brands. Let's look at some typical warranty coverage they offer:

Again, this is typical warranty coverage in the furniture industry. Be sure to check the specifics (fine print) of the warranty you have, or are about to buy.

"Lifetime" Warranties

When I talk with customers about their warranties, some proudly tell me, "I've got lifetime coverage on all this stuff. The salesman said so."

While there are parts of your recliner that may have "limited lifetime" coverage, no recliner is completely warrantied for life. If it were, you would never have to buy new one! At least not until the company went out of business...


This generally refers to your furniture being more than 1 year old. Does this mean you have no coverage? Not exactly. It means that repair labor is no longer covered (unless you purchased an additional warranty that extends it). You should still be able to get parts, but you'll be responsible for the repair labor.

Why The Fine Print Matters

There are potential warranty pitfalls of which you should be aware. Two quick examples: Some manufacturers define "normal use" as residential use only. So if you're using that recliner at the office, by definition you have no warranty with those companies.

Many reclining mechanisms have a "lifetime" parts warranty. But if you need a complete mechanism replacement, you may be charged $35-50 or more for the shipping.

Always read the fine print and take all written furniture warranties literally! If a part is covered, think part only, not installation, shipping or anything else. But remember, if the manufacturer no longer stocks the part you need, or is out of business, you may be out of luck. Unless you can find a repair tech who is also a parts hoarder.