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How To Find Your Recliner ID Tag

Why Do I Need The Tag?

The ID numbers on the tag are needed when ordering replacement parts for your furniture. These numbers allow the manufacturer to determine the exact model and style of your chair so they can send you the correct part(s).

I Have My Receipt, Will That Work?

No. The needed production numbers can only be found on the furniture ID tag. They are sometimes referred to as serial, style, sequence, ID, model, etc.

Tip: Have the tag or numbers handy when ordering parts.

Typical Tag Locations

The 3 most common locations on reclining chairs:

  1. Hang Tag - hangs below & behind footrest when open
  2. Underside (backside) of footrest
  3. Elsewhere along underside of seat or arm frames

The video below demonstrates where La-z-boy places a number of their ID tags on different types of furniture.

There Are No Tags On My Chair - What Can I Do?

As a longtime repair tech, it's always been somewhat of a mystery to me as to why some people remove all the ID tags from their furniture. Name brand manufacturers place multiple tags on each chair. This requires someone to seek them all out for removal. Uh, why..?

If a tag thief has visited your chair, there's still hope. Some manufacturers will allow you to email photos to help properly identify your chair. Be sure to follow their instructions regarding which perspectives they need.